BT Wealth Industries (BTW) is a holding company with an emphasis on investments of heavy industries businesses, which include steel fabrication, energy producers, power plants, and global resources. Currently, BTW is a major shareholder of Best Tech & Engineering Limited, an elite steel fabricator in Thailand, who has been in business since 1987 with core competencies in steel fabrication and equipment installation.

In addition, BTW’s strategic direction is to build its portfolio beyond its current business to include solar farms and/or renewable energy power plants and specialized construction projects.


Over the years, Best Tech & Engineering (BTE) has been the backbone of our group of companies.

BTE has grown from a steel parts fabricator with a contract size ranges from THB 30-200 million to a made to order modular fabricator with a contract size ranges from THB 3-10 billion. BTE has increased its production capacity to include over 174,000 sq.m. of waterfront fabrication facilities in Sattahip Naval Base and 90,000 sq. m. of fully equipped parts fabrication factory in Chachoengsao. Hence, BTE provides our customers with steel fabrication services for heavy industries sector such as oil & gas, power, mining, and infrastructure.

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To differentiate ourselves from general contractors, the work scope of installation and construction is only provided as a part of a one-stop strategy for customers who purchase our products and need these products to be installed at the construction site.

Moreover, the installation and construction business is conducted by BTE who has decades of experiences in technical skills and construction methodology. We focus on the target customers such as renowned EPC contractors and project owners.

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It is undeniable that clean energy is a necessity in our daily lives. To reflect such belief, BTW emphasize our investments in several renewable energy companies.

Despite its evident demand, there are factors to be considered in investing in a subsidiary company including the financial feasibility, the project’s technicality, and the social impacts. Hence, the business trend in renewable energy is expected to increase with a favorable growth in Thailand and around the world due to the ‘clean energy’ trend and the growing demands from a growing population.


In addition to the income from BTW’s investment groups, the company also provides equipment and facility rental for fabricators and constructors.

With our major interest in BTE, we acquire certain assets such as equipment and machineries, which are required in order to carry out each project. As a result, after a completion of each project, BTW owns important assets which can be used for future projects or can be rented by other companies. Nonetheless, the priority is to utilize these assets for our own projects.


As a leading holding company, we continuously seek for exceptional investment opportunities. Among some of the characteristics of the investment opportunities we pursuit upon, we carefully analyze the followings:

  • Investment risks
  • Potential growth and sustainability
  • Synergy with our current businesses
  • People and assets
  • Risk Diversification

Ultimately, our investments shall provide growth for the company and sustainable return for our shareholders.