CSR Policy

BT Wealth Industries Public Company Limited strives to conduct business according to business ethics and good corporate governance principles, alongside corporate social responsibility (CSR), which will lead to sustainable growth of the Company. The Company is committed to the following principles

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  • The Company will operate with fairness to all stakeholders.

  • The Company will adhere to anti-corruption and anti-bribery.

  • The Company will treat stakeholders, community and society with respect for human values and human rights.

  • The Company will treat workers fairly and legally.

  • The Company will be responsible to our customers by controlling the products quality and services, and ensuring the quality of standards.

  • The Company will take into account the corporate social responsibility in all operational processes.

  • The Company will be involved in improving the quality of life for the community and society, based on sustainable development approach.

  • The Company will consistently improve its operation processes in order to reduce resources consumption and environmental impact.

CSR Activities

Apart from operating its business with care and responsibility towards society and the environment, the Company also engages in activities and contributes to the society regularly.

The Company realizes the importance of education as a factor affecting the development of the country. Currently, schools in rural areas still lack both funds and materials to promote the development of education. The Company has thus initiated various projects to help support schools in rural areas. In the past, the Company has supported the constructions of buildings and delivered computer equipment to several schools in rural areas. For example:

The Company believes that religions are essential in promoting better society. By respecting and following the teachings of all religions, the community will help foster its moral and ethical conduct. As such, the Company has organized various projects as part of nurturing and preservation of religions, and encouraging the presence of moral-driven community. For example, the provision of adequate utilities in places of worship, the joint building of pagodas, etc… Completed projects include: